Godfathers Pizza - Food Facts

Pizza – The Healthy Alternative

Disproving the Myth
Pizza is not only a convenient and delicious meal at great value; it is also a healthy choice. Pizza is often associated with fast foods that are unhealthy for you, but pizza is not.

Below are some key health facts to consider:

  • The basic ingredients of pizza all have healthy potential
  • Tomato sauce is an excellent source of nutrition including vitamin C. Ask for extra sauce on your pizza, or even some on the side to dip your crust into
  • Tomato sauce has been proven to lead to a reduction in prostate cancer by those who consume pizza once or more a week
  • Another health benefit of pizza is the dough which is high in antioxidants which it slows down, or even prevents, the oxidation of other molecules
  • Cheese is also a great topping that includes vitamins (like the milk that is used to make them) that are high in calcium
  • Godfathers, unlike some of our competitors, uses only100% skim milk mozzarella cheese
  • Everyone does need carbs in your diet and you can obtain carbs from eating pizza
  • Onions offer not only flavor they also include the health benefits of lower blood sugar, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and reduced risk of colon cancer due to the vitamins that are in an onion
  • This is also true about mushrooms that are actually considered as a food that will reduce your risks of cancer because they have B vitamins that are healthy for you

A Healthy Alternative - Our chicken wings are baked not fried like at many competitors.

Make the Healthy Choice & Enjoy a Godfathers Pizza.